Advice with Dawn #12

Dawn has some advice for an old friend, who writes in…

“How can I convince my friend to have lesbian sex with me?”

Advice with Dawn #11

Dawn’s back with some advice for a long time listener, Psychofan Jeff, who writes in…

“Should a man in his fifties wear skinny jeans? Discuss.”

Advice with Dawn #10

Dawn gives advice to a listener who’s also a teacher and wants to go from “teacher” hair to “blue hemp” hair over the summer.

Advice with Dawn #9

Dawn gives advice to a guy who’s fantasy is to do a drag show with his gay friends, but not get his fiancee upset in the process.

Advice with Dawn #8

Dawn actually has to tell someone to stop sleeping with their brother…

Advice with Dawn #7

Greg wants to know what a 20 year old can do since he’s still not old enough to go out drinking.

Advice with Dawn #6

A 17 year old gay boy gets too much support from his father and dawn tries to help him tell his dad back off a bit.

Advice with Dawn #5

Dawn helps a 16 year old gay boy, who was outed at school, send a message to his classmates that he’s no different then they are.

Advice with Dawn #4

Dawn helps a listener talk his wife into giving him his first blow job.

Advice with Dawn #3

Dawn’s advice in this episode is for Mark and his dating service dilemma.